Welcome to our new online platform! This online portal seeks to give you the full SoulFire Collective studio experience within the comfort of wherever you practice.

We welcome you to invite friends, family members, and your fur babes into this space as well! Feel free to show up however you are wherever you are.  

Anywhere. Anytime.

Share virtual hugs, high-fives, and sweat all over the globe with  24/7 access to unlimited SoulFire Collective classes and workshops that you can view from a number of devices.

"And I will never be able to fully express the gratitude I have for both of you and the community you have built, especially during the past 2 months.  Engaging with the community via classes, workshops, etc. is the BEST part of my day and has kept me positive, patient(ish) and joyful during a very chaotic time.  There is not enough time or money in the world to be able to repay you for the impact you have had.  The silver lining of this whole thing is FOR SURE having access to SoulFire in my own home without having to race a clock" -Lindsey H.


 The LIVE classes are EVERYTHING! I hope everyone is continuing to support you...because it’s amazing to connect and practice LIVE and have the opportunity to bring in family members as well!!!  -Kim C.


"I definitely high-five to the air, wink to no one, laugh as I fall over during crow, cheer myself on after I successfully jumped to the top of the mat after, I don't know, 4,999 tries over the years - and clap at the end when you're clapping.  I always leave feeling happier, calmer, and more anchored than when I walked in" -Julia F.


"I actually have only been to the studio once, when I was in town over New Years, but I loved it! When I saw you were doing live yoga I cancelled my very pricey Brooklyn Corporate yoga monthly membership, and decided to do your monthly instead" - Cara W.




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Yearly Subscription


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Yearly, for sure!

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Your new yoga experience.

We promise to listen and to grow this online community in new ways to bring you, our community, the most value. If you have any feedback please send it along to [email protected]